Unlocking the power of Oceans

Marine Power Systems is revolutionising the way in which we harvest energy from the worlds oceans. Our next generation devices, DualSub, WaveSub & WindSub optimise the extraction of our ocean’s waves and offshore winds.

Powerful, reliable and affordable, the devices address all of the challenges of energy generation at sea. A quarter scale WaveSub has been successfully tested at the marine test centre FaBTest.

Addressing the challenges of energy generation at sea


The marine environment is extremely harsh, so forces on any device must be limited. All our devices alter their depth to duck underneath powerful storms and optimise power.

Energy Capture

Subsurface orbital energy flow is powerful but often very difficult to harness. Our wave capture floats operate subsurface, moving in an orbital motion with waves.

Capital Cost

Our devices are cheap to build in relation to the power they produce; devoid of complicated bespoke components and optimised for commercially available manufacturing.

Operation Cost

Wave energy devices need to be quick and simple to deploy, recover and service. All our devices float to their installation sites and are designed to be easily moved and maintained.

Award Winning Technology

Throughout our journey from a simple idea to world-changing energy harnessing devices, we have picked up a lot of positive attention along the way.