Monthly Archives: July 2016

In-Depth Approach to Wave Energy

Unique technology developed to harness marine energy Marine Power Systems, based in Swansea in South Wales, is Wales’ leading wave energy technology developer. The company has developed the WaveSub energy converter, a device that redefines technical boundaries to capture the energy potential of ocean waves. “The results of our work to date have proven that[…]

Swansea-based Wave Energy Company Signs Contract with Hunger Hydraulic

Marine Power Systems (MPS), a Swansea-based company that is developing revolutionary technology designed to capture the energy from ocean waves, has recently signed a contract with Hunger Hydraulic UK for the supply of hydraulic cylinders and seals for the company’s unique WaveSub device. Hunger Hydraulic is providing MPS with hydraulic cylinders for the WaveSub power take off[…]

Wave Energy Firm Collaborates with Swansea University for Scholarship Programme

Wales’ leading wave energy company has entered into a collaboration with Swansea University to develop a mechanical engineering PhD scholarship that will provide a successful student with the opportunity to help progress production of the firm’s innovative wave energy converter (WEC). Swansea-based Marine Power Systems (MPS), a company developing revolutionary technology designed to harness wave[…]