FORESEA supports 6 technology developers to deploy at SmartBay Test Site

by MPS • January 31, 2018

The EU-funded FORESEA programme has approved funding for six developers of offshore renewable energy technologies to deploy technologies at the SmartBay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site. The announcement marks a new phase in ocean energy development in Ireland, with more technologies than ever planning to hit the water in the coming 2 years. FORESEA […]

Video: WaveSub sails across the sea

by MPS • January 30, 2018

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has released a video which shows lift and tow tests on its recently launched WaveSub wave energy device in Milford Haven. The quarter-scale WaveSub prototype set sail for the initial sea-based trials in Milford Haven last week. The device has been designed to harness energy from the continual orbital motion of […]

Sea-launch of prototype wave device marks start of new test phase

by MPS • January 24, 2018

UK marine technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has successfully launched its wave energy device the WaveSub onto open water, marking the start of a new phase of sea-based testing for the device. The 1:4 scale prototype of the WaveSub wave energy converter was launched in Milford Haven and has already completed the first […]