Monthly Archives: February 2023

MPS joins forces with JGC Japan to pursue Japanese opportunity 

MPS and JGC Japan have developed a non-exclusive collaborative working relationship to deliver floating offshore wind platforms at commercial scale. Under this relationship, MPS’ floating wind platform technology, PelaFlex, and JGC Japan’s EPCI services will combine to jointly deliver floating offshore wind projects in Japan and contribute towards the Japanese Government’s ambition to deliver 10GW[…]

MPS joins forces with the world’s strongest cable manufacturer, FibreMax

MPS are working with FibreMax to provide integrated floating foundation and tendon solutions to the rapidly growing floating offshore wind sector. The tendon solution will be used in the anchoring and moorings of their tension leg platform (TLP), PelaFlex, to deliver the highest system stability and zero tilt. It will be the world’s first tension[…]