A Front Cover for DualSub

Through modular and flexible platform design it is possible to both drive down the cost of ownership and support the colocation of wind and wave energy generation technology.

Marine Power Systems (MPS) is revolutionising the way we harvest energy from the world’s oceans. The company is on track to be a world leader in the supply of floating wind and wave energy extraction hardware by having the highest performance and most cost-effective technology available in the market. Following successful medium scale testing of their fully patent protected marine energy generation technology MPS are now working at megawatt scale to demonstrate their grid connected technology ahead of commercialisation.

Unique technology

Between WindSubWaveSub and DualSub Marine Power Systems support optimised energy capture for any particular site. Their business proposition is unique; they are the only company developing optimal solutions covering the entire opportunity for floating wind, wave and combined wave and wind energy extraction technology in deep water. Based on a tension leg platform their modular approach to platform design can support their wind turbine generator and wave energy converter on the same platform. This minimises the total weight of the platform without compromising longevity and makes it extremely cost efficient compared to alternative technologies.

Common deployment and management solutions

All the devices can be assembled and towed from port and they retain common deployment, anchoring and operation & maintenance solutions. This reduces the costs of ownership and maximises the energy generation cost effectiveness. A designed-in survivability strategy combined with a proven mooring system that provides excellent stability in adverse weather conditions.

The first commercially available wave only devices will have a rated power of 4.5MW, increasing to 10MW of wave power as the technology is developed. The wind and combined wind and wave devices will support the largest and most powerful wind turbines available today and in the future. Starting at 10MW but increasing to over 15MW.

You can read the feature in WindEnergy Magazine.