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Marine Power Systems Ltd (MPS) is a marine renewables technology development company. Based in South Wales (UK) the company was co-founded in 2008 by Swansea University engineering graduates    Dr Gareth Stockman and Dr Graham Foster to develop and bring to market DualSub, WaveSub and WindSub devices.

MPS is dedicated to developing devices which can offer the most affordable, reliable and scalable offshore marine renewables technology in the world. The DualSub, WaveSub and WindSub have the potential to substantially reduce the costs of energy generation.

Key milestones

Funded by a mix of founder, private and public sector investment, MPS has made significant progress, most recently completing the testing of a scaled WaveSub in a fully operational environment at FaBTest. The MPS team are currently undertaking the design, manufacture and testing of a full-scale WaveSub and scaled DualSub device.

MPS receives substantial support from many local Welsh businesses in the local supply chain including Marine Energy Wales, Swansea University, Pembrokeshire Port and the Welsh Government as well as business and academic institutions throughout Europe.

MPS’s long-term vision is to take its products to a commercial market and become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of multi-megawatt marine energy devices which can generate clean, affordable, reliable energy for countries around the globe.

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