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MPS Secures £12.8M EU Funds for Wave Power Project

More than £12m of EU funds will be invested in the next stage of a major initiative to generate clean energy from ocean waves, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced today. The funding will support the next stage of Swansea-based Marine Power Systems’ project to create and launch an underwater device that can provide clean, affordable[…]

Marine Power Systems Completes Testing and Sea Trials of WaveSub Device

UK marine energy technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has successfully concluded a programme of sea testing for its prototype wave energy generator, WaveSub. Taking place in Cornwall at the marine test site FaBTest over the last 12 months, the test results prove the functionality of the 1:4 scale device across a range of[…]

Marine Power Systems Expands Board with Two New Appointments

UK marine technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) will today confirm the appointment of two new members to its board; Sue Barr and Tom Kahan. Sue Barr’s extensive experience in offshore wind, wave and tidal industries will be a huge asset to the Swansea based marine tech company as it moves into a new[…]

Increasing the UK’s Environmental Ambitions: Net Zero and Renewables

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) Since MPS launched its new tech offerings, DualSub and WindSub in April, we’ve witnessed a series of unprecedented events in the world of climate, politics and green business. From climate protests led by Extinction Rebellion which have pushed climate change right up the news agenda to the emergence[…]

Marine Power Systems Expand Tech Offering to Offshore Wind Sector

Swansea-based wave energy tech company unveil plan to diversify into booming offshorewind sector. Two new devices seek to provide solutions to energy generation challenges in deep-sealocations. Wave energy technology developer Marine Power Systems (MPS) will today reveal its plans for expansion into the floating offshore wind sector with two devices that offer a viable solution[…]

Running the Renewables Race: Investment Integral to Increasing Capacity

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) Following National Grid’s announcement that 2018 was the first year UK renewable energy capacity surpassed that of fossil fuels, there’s been a something of a shift in the perceived relationship between renewables and fossil fuels.  This was compounded by the release of BP’s annual Energy Outlook[…]

Leading by Example and Embracing Big Ambition

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) In this blog our CEO Gareth Stockman considers a bold climate action to emerge from the USA before charting MPS’s progress and looking ahead to the next few months. Last month, our Chief Technical Officer Graham Foster wrote on this blog about climate change[…]

Heatwave Highway: The Environmental Imperative for Renewables

By Dr Graham Foster, Chief Technical Officer, Marine Power Systems The summer of 2018 has been like no other. Record-breaking highs. A stalled jet stream. Sweltering temperatures from France to Finland. Wildfires in Sweden, Greece, electricity rationing in California. A natural disaster declared in Japan. Is this simply an anomaly, or a clear example that[…]