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Investing in Our Energy Future

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) Today we unveil our quarter scale WaveSub prototype. It is a momentous day for the company and all those who were involved in the project over the last nine years of its creation. As we prepare for the unveiling, we take a moment to[…]

Marine Renewable Milestone Hit as UK WaveSub Unveiled for Sea-based Testing

Marine Power Systems (MPS), a wave power technology development company based in Wales, UK, will today unveil its quarter-scale, prototype WaveSub wave energy generator, marking its move to a new, sea-based phase of its development. The event marks a milestone in the global race to produce wave energy at a market-competitive price. Over the last[…]

Tackling the Challenges of Energy Generation at Sea

By Dr Graham Foster, Chief Technology Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) In this month’s blog, CTO Graham Foster takes some time to consider the challenges of energy generation at sea and explains how the unique mechanics of the WaveSub device address them. How do you successfully generate energy from moving water? This question has occupied the mind[…]

Making Wave Power Work: MPS Launch New Report Outlining its ‘10% by 2050’ Vision

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) Last week MPS launched its new report on wave energy; Making Wave Power Work. In this blog, Founder and Managing Director, Dr Gareth Stockman explains the motivation for writing it, gives an overview of its contents before outlining his hopes for what it will[…]

28 June 17 – PRESS RELEASE: New Renewable Energy Report Calls for Global Ambition of 10% Wave Energy by 2050

A new report outlining the potential for wave power to contribute to 10% of global electricity demand by 2050 has been published today by UK based wave technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS). Making Wave Power Work provides an analysis of the economic and environmental potential that wave power offers both the UK and the rest of the[…]

Waving Farewell to Coal: a Case for Renewable Tech Investment

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) Towards the end of last month I heard the news that the UK National Grid had provided Britain with its first 24 hours of coal-free energy since the Industrial Revolution. News of a brief but momentous break from this carbon-based energy source was delivered, rather coincidentally,[…]

Can Welsh Marine Energy Really Boost the Economy?

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) The end of March this year saw a flurry of activity in the Welsh marine sector. All eyes seemed to be on the industry to lift economic prospects, not just in South Wales but across the whole of the UK. The Prime Minister arrived[…]

£324,000 Funding Boost to Allow Wave Energy Testing Off Pembrokeshire Coast

Marine energy development in Wales received a boost today (Thursday) with more than £300,000 funding announced for South Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone – the largest wave energy seabed lease in the world. Speaking at today’s Marine Energy Wales conference in Swansea, Economy Secretary Ken Skates said £324,000 of EU and Welsh Government funding has been approved for a[…]