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What is ‘manufacturability’ and why is it so important?

Designing technology that delivers cost effective electricity generation is one thing but manufacturing that technology and deploying it at industrial scale is quite another. Whilst we have always been focussed on ‘manufacturability’ when it comes to the design of our floating offshore wind platform, PelaFlex, we have also been working hard to develop manufacturing processes[…]

Next Celtic Sea leasing round promises a new chapter in UK floating offshore wind

The bidding process for Floating Offshore Wind Leasing Round 5, covering the Celtic Sea, will begin early in 2024. This represents an important milestone and one that will accelerate the deployment of floating offshore wind on our doorstep. As a Welsh company focused on floating wind, Marine Power Systems has, for several years, worked closely[…]

Turning offshore wind power into a business opportunity and accelerating UK partnerships | Nikkei

Translated and extracted from the Nikkei website. As the world faces the challenge of climate change, the UK is stepping up its clean energy efforts. Recent real-world events underscores the importance of energy security and the need to accelerate the deployment of renewable technologies to displace fossil fuels. The UK is particularly focused on increasing[…]

UK Government increases support for floating wind ahead of next seabed auction

The UK Government have significantly increased the strike price they will offer for floating offshore wind projects in the next Contracts for Difference (CfD) auction, following the lower-than-expected offshore wind allocation in the previous auction, and the impact of global events on supply chains. This amounts to a 52% increase from £116/MWh to £176/MWh. Marine[…]

MPS launches Japanese market expansion

Marine Power Systems have appointed Toshiya Tomita as Country Director, Japan to build on the progress already being made in the territory. Based in Tokyo, Tomita will continue to advance the opportunities maturing in the Japanese market, as well as identify partnerships and further synergies to develop the market there. Offshore wind power generation is[…]

MPS’ floating platform technology PelaFlex gets DNV stamp of approval

Marine Power Systems’ flexible floating platform technology, PelaFlex, has been awarded the Statement of Feasibility by the independent certification body, DNV, through their comprehensive certification process. MPS’ modular floating platform solution supports the rapid deployment of industrial scale floating offshore wind whilst maximising local content delivery through existing supply chain. High system stability, low overall[…]

Delivering industrial scale floating offshore wind and looking to FOW 2023 in Aberdeen

A lot has happened in the last couple of years. Rising energy prices have put a huge squeeze on household budgets and continue to drive inflation. The war in Ukraine has further accentuated the situation and pushed ‘energy security’ up the political agenda. Against this backdrop governments around the world still need to deliver on[…]

Meet our new Project Manager, Madeline

The team at MPS continues to grow, with another Project Manager, Madeline, joining us earlier this year. A chartered engineer and experienced team leader bringing over 30 years’ project management experience of renewables, including marine/offshore & new technology development. We caught up with Madeline now that she is firmly in her seat. What attracted you[…]