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MPS and PLOCAN to pursue pre-commercial project in Gran Canaria, Spain 

Marine Power Systems have joined forces with PLOCAN (Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias) to deploy their unique and flexible floating offshore wind platform, PelaFlex, at an expected grid connected test site on the south-east coast of Gran Canaria. PLOCAN is seeking approval from central government to grant the management of a new public offshore domain devoted[…]

RWE funded study flags supply chain opportunities for Wales and the region from Celtic Sea floating wind

Initial findings from a supply chain study by RWE and Marine Power Systems are helping identify where Wales and the region can benefit from the forthcoming Celtic Sea floating wind technology boom. The study is funded by RWE, Wales’ largest energy generator, and carried out by Swansea-based company Marine Power Systems, which is developing a[…]

Japan and delivering industrial scale floating offshore wind

The Japanese have a track record for transforming industries. From automotive to consumer electronics, this is where six sigma and lean manufacturing was born to drive process control and accelerate productivity. They have created a legacy where not only have existing industries been re-invented, but new industries have been created along the way. A resourceful[…]

MPS joins forces with JGC Japan to pursue Japanese opportunity 

MPS and JGC Japan have developed a non-exclusive collaborative working relationship to deliver floating offshore wind platforms at commercial scale. Under this relationship, MPS’ floating wind platform technology, PelaFlex, and JGC Japan’s EPCI services will combine to jointly deliver floating offshore wind projects in Japan and contribute towards the Japanese Government’s ambition to deliver 10GW[…]

MPS joins forces with the world’s strongest cable manufacturer, FibreMax

MPS are working with FibreMax to provide integrated floating foundation and tendon solutions to the rapidly growing floating offshore wind sector. The tendon solution will be used in the anchoring and moorings of their tension leg platform (TLP), PelaFlex, to deliver the highest system stability and zero tilt. It will be the world’s first tension[…]

Meet Ibi, our Tank Testing Engineer

Ibi Khan joined us earlier this year. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions about what attracted him to Marine Power Systems, what he is working on now and how that supports the development of our technology. What attracted you to MPS? When I first came across MPS I was really[…]

The United States. Delivering net zero by 2050 and the role floating offshore wind will play

The Biden administration has committed the United States to becoming net zero by 2050. The list of things to do is long. From transitioning over 600,000 government owned vehicles and making 300,000 federally owned buildings net zero by 2045 to delivering 30GW of offshore wind by 2030. Last year wind energy accounted for more than[…]

Simply Blue Group and MPS join forces

Marine Power Systems have partnered with Simply Blue Group to develop and deliver floating offshore wind projects. Simply Blue Group is a leading blue economy developer with a focus on floating wind and has over 10GW of floating offshore wind projects under development worldwide. MPS has been selected as the preferred technology partner based on[…]