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Marine Power Systems appoints LOC Group for design support

by MPS • March 18, 2021

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has appointed LOC Group to support the detailed design of its modular platform that will support both wave and wind power generation technologies. Marine and engineering consulting firm LOC Group, part of AqualisBraemar since December 2020, will deliver a work package related to the integration of wind turbine technology on MPS’ […]

London Marine Consultants scores double WaveSub work

by MPS • November 2, 2020

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has selected London Marine Consultants for the delivery of two packages of work supporting the first stage of WaveSub full-scale prototype development. The platform package involves the overall design of the floating structure integrating the various subsystems, while the deployment package focuses on the connection of the platform to the mooring […]

Welsh business hires Scottish wave energy power take-off unit

by MPS • October 12, 2020

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has selected Quoceant as a contractor for the delivery of the first stage of WaveSub energy device’s power take-off design. Full-scale WaveSub device concept (Courtesy of Marine Power Systems) Under the stage one design workload, the Scottish engineering consultancy Quoceant will work to deliver an overall power take-off (PTO) system design […]

Marine Power Systems on track to build a full scale demonstrator device in Wales

by MPS • August 26, 2020

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign and obtaining funding from WEFO, MPS is set to build their first commercial demonstrator device in Wales. Swansea-based Marine Power Systems (MPS) reached a £1.5m crowdfunding target in just two weeks after launching and then moved into overfunding, now at over £2m. They have also successfully obtained support from WEFO […]

PTO search begins as wave energy developer advances to full scale device

by MPS • August 3, 2020

Swansea-based company is developing a flexible ocean energy extraction technology that can harness wave energy, wind energy and combined wind and wave energy at grid scale. All the machines share a common floating platform technology said to have cost and deployment advantages over other floating platform approaches. The company behind the above-mentioned developments is Marine […]

Successful Fundraising for Welsh Renewable Marine Energy Pioneer

by MPS • July 30, 2020

Swansea-based Marine Power Systems (MPS) has hit a £1.5m crowdfunding target in just two weeks since its launch and is now overfunding. These funds raised will support an initiative to generate clean energy from offshore winds and ocean waves. Marine Power Systems was founded by Swansea University graduates Dr Gareth Stockman and Dr Graham Foster […]

Marine Power Systems awarded £4.3m to accelerate combined wind & wave power technology

by MPS • November 25, 2019

Marine renewables technology developer Marine Power Systems (MPS) has been awarded £4.3 million by the European Regional Development Fund to accelerate the development of a floating offshore wind and wave technology that could transform the opportunities for energy generation in deep water locations. The EDRF funding, which is part of a £6.2million project under the […]

MPS secures £12.8m EU Funds for Wave Power Project

by MPS • September 12, 2019

More than £12m of EU funds will be invested in the next stage of a major initiative to generate clean energy from ocean waves, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced today. The funding will support the next stage of Swansea-based Marine Power Systems’ project to create and launch an underwater device that can provide clean, affordable […]

Marine Power Systems completes testing and sea trials of WaveSub device

by MPS • September 2, 2019

UK marine energy technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has successfully concluded a programme of sea testing for its prototype wave energy generator, WaveSub. Taking place in Cornwall at the marine test site FaBTest over the last 12 months, the test results prove the functionality of the 1:4 scale device across a range of […]