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MPS is Recruiting a Project Manager

Marine Power Systems is seeking a highly experienced Project Manager to lead the delivery of the company’s floating offshore energy projects. The successful candidate will steer internal project teams, facilitate cross-functional collaborations and manage external contracts to ensure projects are engineered, procured, constructed, installed and operated to their objectives. High level responsibilities  The Project Manager[…]

MPS is Recruiting an Operations Manager

MPS is seeking an experienced Operations Manager to support the company in the set-up and management of an Operations Department. The Operations Department will be responsible for the delivery of MPS Products from order through to the handover of hardware to the customer. The Operations Manager will support the further development of MPS’s novel business[…]

MPS to demo wave energy array at EMEC

Marine Power Systems has signed up to demonstrate a multi-megawatt wave energy array at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland. The Swansea-based marine energy developer will bring its first commercial scale array demonstration to two berths at EMEC’s Billia Croo wave test site, off the west coast of Orkney, in 2025-2026. MPS’s[…]

MPS appoints TSC to support the development of their unique deployment system

TSC has been selected to support Marine Power Systems with the design and development of their unique tensioner deployment system, to be used on their megawatt scale commercial demonstrator at BiMEP in northern Spain. TSC UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMIC, is dedicated to high-end equipment manufacturing for offshore engineering projects. CMIC has solved[…]

MPS is Recruiting Project Engineers

MPS is seeking an experienced Project Engineer to support the company in managing work packages associated with the design and build of its floating offshore renewable energy devices. Working closely with the in-house team and external contractors, the Project Engineer will initially assist the Megawatt Scale Commercial Demonstrator Project Manager and lead engineers in procurement[…]

MPS is Recruiting a Construction Manager

MPS is seeking an experienced Construction Manager to support the company in defining the strategy, developing the processes and managing the associated plans and activities for the construction and installation of the company’s floating offshore projects. Initially assisting the Megawatt Scale Demonstrator Project Manager in delivering the project in BiMEP, the Construction Manager will build[…]

Meet Nikki-Ann, our HSEQ Manager

The last few months have seen a number of new hires at MPS and we have grown both the project and commercial teams to work on the delivery of our demonstrator project in Spain next year and build capacity to support the considerable traction we are seeing in the market. Nikki-Ann started only a few[…]

The Japanese, their electricity consumption and why we should take notice

I’ve always been impressed with the Japanese. How they strike the balance between tradition and innovation, and how they seek out new ways to disrupt the status quo with careful respect and diligence. Their way of thinking has transformed many industries from automotive to consumer electronics. This is where six sigma and lean manufacturing was[…]