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Turning offshore wind power into a business opportunity and accelerating UK partnerships | Nikkei

Translated and extracted from the Nikkei website. As the world faces the challenge of climate change, the UK is stepping up its clean energy efforts. Recent real-world events underscores the importance of energy security and the need to accelerate the deployment of renewable technologies to displace fossil fuels. The UK is particularly focused on increasing[…]

RWE funded study flags supply chain opportunities for Wales and the region from Celtic Sea floating wind

Initial findings from a supply chain study by RWE and Marine Power Systems are helping identify where Wales and the region can benefit from the forthcoming Celtic Sea floating wind technology boom. The study is funded by RWE, Wales’ largest energy generator, and carried out by Swansea-based company Marine Power Systems, which is developing a[…]

Simply Blue Group and MPS join forces

Marine Power Systems have partnered with Simply Blue Group to develop and deliver floating offshore wind projects. Simply Blue Group is a leading blue economy developer with a focus on floating wind and has over 10GW of floating offshore wind projects under development worldwide. MPS has been selected as the preferred technology partner based on[…]

MPS and WavEC to deliver pre-commercial floating offshore wind project in Portugal 

Marine Power Systems have joined forces with WavEC to deploy their unique modular floating offshore wind platform technology in the north region of Portugal. This follows the recent news that Marine Power Systems is to demonstrate a commercial scale array at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland. Floating offshore wind is increasingly[…]

RWE commissions study with MPS into Celtic Sea opportunities for ports and suppliers

The Celtic Sea region offers a huge opportunity to develop large-scale, commercial floating offshore wind and RWE as the largest energy producer and renewables operator in Wales, wants to play a part in its delivery.  In anticipation of this, RWE has commissioned Swansea-based Marine Power Systems (MPS) to develop a project plan for delivering up[…]

MPS appoints Windsy on wind turbine EPCM job

Windsy has been selected to support Marine Power Systems in the supply and deployment of the wind turbine to be used on their megawatt scale commercial demonstrator at BiMEP in northern Spain. Windsy GmbH is a leading global consultancy and engineering service provider to the wind industry. Windsy develops robust and reliable wind turbine products[…]

MPS to demo wave energy array at EMEC

Marine Power Systems has signed up to demonstrate a multi-megawatt wave energy array at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland. The Swansea-based marine energy developer will bring its first commercial scale array demonstration to two berths at EMEC’s Billia Croo wave test site, off the west coast of Orkney, in 2025-2026. MPS’s[…]

MPS appoints TSC to support the development of their unique deployment system

TSC has been selected to support Marine Power Systems with the design and development of their unique tensioner deployment system, to be used on their megawatt scale commercial demonstrator at BiMEP in northern Spain. TSC UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMIC, is dedicated to high-end equipment manufacturing for offshore engineering projects. CMIC has solved[…]