Press Release

MPS commissions PowerBuoy ahead of WaveSub installation at FaBTest

by MPS • June 1, 2018

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has successfully completed the assembly and commissioning of its PowerBuoy, a grid simulator device designed to operate alongside its quarter scale prototype WaveSub wave energy converter. The assembly and commissioning of the PowerBuoy, which took place in Falmouth, Cornwall, will enable MPS to move forwards with its testing of the WaveSub […]

WaveSub links with grid-simulation buoy

by MPS • May 2, 2018

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has completed pre-deployment testing of WaveSub’s PowerBuoy ahead of deployment at FaBTest. The PowerBuoy, designed and manufactured by MJR Power & Automation, was last week positioned dockside and coupled to the WaveSub for testing. The try-outs were supported by Severn Subsea Technologies and MJR Power & Automation who have both been […]

FORESEA supports 6 technology developers to deploy at SmartBay Test Site

by MPS • January 31, 2018

The EU-funded FORESEA programme has approved funding for six developers of offshore renewable energy technologies to deploy technologies at the SmartBay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site. The announcement marks a new phase in ocean energy development in Ireland, with more technologies than ever planning to hit the water in the coming 2 years. FORESEA […]

Video: WaveSub sails across the sea

by MPS • January 30, 2018

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has released a video which shows lift and tow tests on its recently launched WaveSub wave energy device in Milford Haven. The quarter-scale WaveSub prototype set sail for the initial sea-based trials in Milford Haven last week. The device has been designed to harness energy from the continual orbital motion of […]

Sea-launch of prototype wave device marks start of new test phase

by MPS • January 24, 2018

UK marine technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has successfully launched its wave energy device the WaveSub onto open water, marking the start of a new phase of sea-based testing for the device. The 1:4 scale prototype of the WaveSub wave energy converter was launched in Milford Haven and has already completed the first […]

Marine renewable milestone hit as UK WaveSub unveiled for sea-based testing

by MPS • October 13, 2017

Marine Power Systems (MPS), a wave power technology development company based in Wales, UK, will today unveil its quarter-scale, prototype WaveSub wave energy generator, marking its move to a new, sea-based phase of its development. The event marks a milestone in the global race to produce wave energy at a market-competitive price. Over the last […]

28 June 17 – PRESS RELEASE: New renewable energy report calls for global ambition of 10% wave energy by 2050

by MPS • June 27, 2017

Making Wave Power Work provides an analysis of the economic and environmental potential that wave power offers both the UK and the rest of the world. It calls on industry and trade bodies to join up their communications around the 10% target and businesses and government to ramp up steady financial support and policy stability.

£324,000 funding boost to allow wave energy testing off Pembrokeshire coast

by MPS • March 31, 2017

Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone positioned on MPS doorstep, an ideal location for deployment of our commercial WaveSub arrays.

MPS shows off WaveSub construction

by MPS • December 8, 2016

MPS has unveiled its quarter-scale WaveSub device currently under construction in Pembroke Dock, South Wales.

MPS, Swansea Uni collaboration gets recognition

by MPS • November 7, 2016

MPS and Swansea University were declared winners of the R&D category, in addition to eight other winners of the night.