DualSub is a revolutionary device that can simultaneously capture both wave energy and wind energy in a single machine. As a result DualSub has both a higher per machine power output, and a more consistent output due to the dual energy sources of waves and wind.

Strong Combination

DualSub has all the advantages of WaveSub when it comes to harnessing the power of the waves, and all the inherent advantages of our platform technology. This is combined with the latest wind turbine technology from the world’s leading turbine suppliers to create a machine capable of very high power outputs – the first commercial DualSub will have a rated power of circa 15MW quickly increasing to 20MW+ as the wave energy and wind turbine technology develops.

The wind turbine and wave energy converters share the main structure, mooring, grid connection, installation and O&M, significantly reducing costs. In addition, the number of machines per MW is reduced, further reducing costs.

Matches the Resource

DualSub fits with the resource available around the globe: a large proportion of potential sites for ocean energy farms have an abundance of both waves and winds. DualSub is the most space and cost efficient way of obtaining maximum energy from a single machine.

As part of an ocean energy farm, DualSub integrates with WaveSub and WindSub devices to accommodate the different spacing needs for these two energy sources, maximising the output of an ocean energy farm.

Either on its own, or integrated with WaveSub and WindSub, DualSub will increase the energy yield of a given farm area, improve the consistency of the power, and reduce the CapEX and LCoE.