Finalist for the St David Award for Innovation and Technology

This highlights the value of our work

We are developing revolutionary technology designed to capture the energy from ocean waves.

As the Managing Director of MPS, being announced as Finalists is a great achievement and gives the firm and the team the recognition they deserve for our hard work and dedication to the development of our WaveSub device, which is due for deployment later this year.

Dr Graham Foster, Chairman and Technical Director at MPS and I felt that being among all the other Finalists at the Wales Millennium Centre when the announcement was made was obviously very exciting. To meet other companies and exceptional people and learn about their work or achievements was inspiring, but to be told we were Finalists was wonderful for the MPS team.

MPS’ WaveSub device solves the 4 main challenges facing all developers looking to capture wave energy. These are:

  • developing efficient energy capture in any sea conditions
  • securing the technology’s long-term survivability in a harsh environment
  • ensuring the devices are easy to deploy, recover and service
  • guaranteeing they are cost efficient to build in relation to the power they produce.

There is now greater recognition and understanding of the revolutionary potential of the WaveSub device that we have created. This will ultimately generate global interest, as wave energy can potentially be harnessed in almost any offshore environment using the innovative technology we have developed.

Being included in the shortlist not only highlights to our investors and stakeholders the value of the work we are doing, but showcases the company as an industry leader, since we have developed and are continuing to manufacture a unique and revolutionary device.

Original Article by Welsh Government.