London Marine Consultants Scores Double WaveSub Work

Marine Power Systems (MPS) has selected London Marine Consultants for the delivery of two packages of work supporting the first stage of WaveSub full-scale prototype development.

The platform package involves the overall design of the floating structure integrating the various subsystems, while the deployment package focuses on the connection of the platform to the mooring system and safe and efficient deployment of the platform at sea.

In delivering the combined packages, London Marine Consultants will apply their considerable naval architecture and offshore structural engineering experience to produce a platform design, and also further develop the mooring and deployment system to enable final technology selection.

London Marine’s extensive track record in front-end engineering, EPIC, and transport and installation from both renewables and oil and gas make them a valuable addition to MPS’ project.

Nick Palmer, director at London Marine Consultants, said: “We are delighted to be awarded the contract by Marine Power Systems for the first stage of design of their WaveSub platform together with the associated deployment system.  We look forward to working together with MPS to bring this exciting concept to market”.

Graham Foster, chief technology officer at MPS, added: “London Marine Consultants are a highly experienced team with a solid reputation within the offshore energy sector. By leveraging LMC’s first-rate experience in offshore floating structure and mooring system design, MPS are making another important advancement towards development of our novel marine renewable energy platform”.

To remind, MPS is currently developing a project that will demonstrate the WaveSub wave energy device, and DualSub – a technology that can simultaneously capture both wave and wind energy in a single machine – at large scale. The device is planned to be tested at sea in 2023, MPS said earlier.

Original Article by Offshore Energy.