Looking Ahead To Floating Offshore Wind 2021, Aberdeen

There is a lot of excitement about Floating Offshore Wind 2021, taking place next week in Aberdeen. Firstly, a dedicated floating offshore wind event demonstrates how far the industry has come over the past decade and the market potential it presents. The conversation has quickly changed in that period from a position of ‘can it be done’ to ‘how much does it cost’. Secondly, as the COVID-19 restrictions ease, it will bring together players and service providers in the sector to discuss the challenges and how to capitalise on the vast market opportunity that floating offshore wind represents.

Marine Power Systems is well positioned to address this opportunity and realise the full benefits from floating offshore wind through its market leading floating platform solution. Marine Power Systems’ unique and patented platform technology offers best in class cost compared with its peers due to the significantly reduced system mass. Moreover, its modular and flexible design, enables optimum local content delivery through a decentralised logistics model. These benefits provide utility scale developers maximum flexibility between reducing cost and increasing local economic benefits, whilst in parallel accelerating farm deployment at scale.

These benefits are also relevant to other markets Marine Power Systems serve including oil and gas, and green hydrogen production. In oil and gas, our floating wind platform can help operators decarbonise the production process and displace fossil fuels typically used offshore. Our platform electrification solution also delivers significant economic advantages to both greenfield and brownfield projects thanks to the flexible, lightweight and scalable design of the MPS platform and the lower cost of energy compared to hydrocarbon-based fuels for power generation.

The market for green hydrogen production is developing fast.  MPS is in prime position to support this market, not only in terms of providing electrons, but also by offering a stable, robust floating platform where hydrogen molecules can be produced, stored and transferred to market.

At MPS, we are dedicated to supporting decarbonization, energy transition and making a significant contribution to meeting global NetZero targets. Floating Offshore Wind 2021 promises to be a welcome opportunity to listen to the latest market dynamics and sector needs, whilst providing a springboard to put floating offshore wind in a central role to building out global renewable capacity and meeting our climate goals.

Should you want to learn more about MPS technology, our commercialisation roadmap or pre-commercial deployments, please contact Martin Carruth at martin@marinepowersystems.co.uk. We look forward to meeting developers, partners and suppliers alike at Floating Offshore Wind 2021 to help maximise this global opportunity.

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