Marine Power Systems’ Chairman to Speak at Industry Conference

Chairman and technical director of Marine Power Systems (MPS), Dr Graham Foster, has been announced as one of the leading speakers at the UK Marine Energy Conference 2016 taking place in Glasgow on 5 July.

Dr Foster is the co-founder of MPS, a Swansea-based company developing revolutionary technology designed to capture the energy from ocean waves through its unique WaveSub wave energy converter (WEC). The WaveSub will provide a reliable renewable energy source through harnessing the energy from ocean waves. The technology being developed at MPS has huge potential to contribute to energy security targets and will reduce reliance on unpredictable and non-renewable energy supplies.

As a qualified mechanical engineer with 20 years’ industrial experience and 10 years’ experience as a director of SMEs, Dr Foster is a key asset to MPS and the advancement of the company’s unique WaveSub technology. He also has experience of financing high value start-up companies and has raised circa £10m in grant and venture funding to date. Dr Foster has successfully developed many new products for different companies in various sectors including the automotive, medical and consumer markets. He also has extensive experience of generating and managing intellectual property (IP).

Dr Foster (Shown Above) will be speaking as part of the ‘projects and the process’ session of the conference, which will cover updates from test projects across the UK and Ireland with a focus on construction and installation; increase industry and public confidence; cost levels of long term projects; and decommissioning.

The UK Marine Energy Conference 2016 focuses on accelerating marine energy as a viable alternative energy and maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of marine energy development. Through a combination of conference discussions and networking, the event aims to provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss key debates, maximise potential and steer the industry towards a successful and sustainable future.

The conference is a key annual event for leaders in the industry. Only around 80 attendees from across the country are invited to the exclusive event for companies and specialists in the marine energy field.

Dr Graham Foster said:

It is an honour to be invited to speak at such a prestigious event. Being able to present at the conference will allow me to showcase MPS’ WaveSub wave energy converter and in particular, highlight the multiple innovations of the WaveSub and how these will allow the WaveSub to maximise energy production whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

Original article by Business News Wales and Tidal Energy Today.