Meet our new Project Manager, Madeline

The team at MPS continues to grow, with another Project Manager, Madeline, joining us earlier this year. A chartered engineer and experienced team leader bringing over 30 years’ project management experience of renewables, including marine/offshore & new technology development. We caught up with Madeline now that she is firmly in her seat.

What attracted you to the role at Marine Power Systems?

I have spent my entire career in project management for renewable technologies. Since 2017 I have been working in Wales on marine energy projects, so it is an area I am both very familiar with and passionate about.

Whilst the business is growing rapidly it feels like it is one where the entire team are motivated to achieve a very clearly defined set of goals and there is a real sense of excitement around what lies ahead and where we are heading.

Where my role is concerned it brings exactly the right mix of innovation, engineering and project development that I love.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, a lot of my time is spent on the project management of two engineering design studies for major global energy developers. Those studies are looking at how PelaFlex can be deployed at specific sites whilst taking account of the site conditions and requirements, as well as the supply chain that will support the project.

What stands out is the strength of collaboration between MPS and the developers that we are engaged with. One that makes working through the design and logistics options a very productive process, so we can optimise the proposed projects from a technical, time and cost perspective.

The remainder of my time is spent working towards the deployment of our technology at a deep-water Atlantic site near Viana do Castelo, Portugal and a proposed grid connected site on the south-east coast of Gran Canaria, Spain.

How do you think your previous experience and approach will benefit MPS?

I am a project manager and chartered engineer. In my previous role I project managed the development and deployment of an innovative marine energy device from outline design to assembly and testing. Having previously worked through many of the issues that projects for the design and development of new marine technologies come up against, I am well placed to anticipate the challenges that might arise and plan for them accordingly.

What about when you are out of the office?

I live in beautiful Pembrokeshire, and I spend my time surfing, walking and sea kayaking. I especially enjoy the summer when you can get outside and in the sea in the evenings.

It’s quite a different lifestyle from Croydon where I grew up!