MPS and PLOCAN to pursue pre-commercial project in Gran Canaria, Spain 

Marine Power Systems have joined forces with PLOCAN (Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias) to deploy their unique and flexible floating offshore wind platform, PelaFlex, at an expected grid connected test site on the south-east coast of Gran Canaria.

PLOCAN is seeking approval from central government to grant the management of a new public offshore domain devoted to R&D activities, suitable for the demonstration of cutting-edge floating offshore wind farm technologies. The archipelago has several suitable areas, and this will be the largest in Gran Canaria.

PLOCAN was set up to support research, development and innovation in marine sciences and technology through a joint initiative between the Government of the Canary Islands and the Government of Spain. PLOCAN’s purpose is to help bring the best research, technology development and innovation to market as quickly as possible and support economic growth through efficient access to the ocean at increasing depths and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Marine Power Systems’ flexible floating platform technology, PelaFlex, supports the rapid deployment of industrial scale floating offshore wind whilst maximising local content delivery through existing supply chain. High system stability, low overall mass and zero tilt maximises energy yields, allows for simple installation using standard vessels and increased operation and maintenance weather windows. Multiple launch options support a distributed port model for faster deployment and reduces the need for specific port requirements.

PLOCAN will work with MPS regarding a pre-consented and grid connected site for the testing of their technology and the associated export infrastructure. PLOCAN will support offshore operations from deployment through to the ongoing maintenance of their technology and performance monitoring.

With this agreement, PLOCAN and Marine Power Systems intend to lay the foundations for a long-term relationship that identifies opportunities for the implementation of Marine Power System’s technology in Spanish waters and forms the basis for sharing data and information to help realise opportunities.

Gareth Stockman, CEO at Marine Power Systems commented, “Our flexible floating offshore wind platform technology has been designed to optimise local content delivery through a decentralised logistics model, and these benefits help utility scale developers minimise costs whilst maximising local economic benefits and accelerating industrial scale farm development.

The site off the coast of Gran Canaria offers excellent environmental, technical and commercial conditions, to prove and further optimise our technology. The Canary Islands and Spain are important markets for us and we are really excited about working with PLOCAN who bring a wealth of expertise and local knowledge.”

Joaquín Hernández Brito, CEO of from PLOCAN  commented, “At PLOCAN we are very excited to collaborate with Marine Power Systems, exploring the possibilities that the expected South test site of PLOCAN at the southeast of Gran Canaria can provide to the demonstration of their technology.

PLOCAN advocates strongly for the responsible use of our marine resources as a necessary path to enable decarbonisation, not only for the domestic energetic sector, but for the whole of Europe and the world. In this expected climatic neutrality, the offshore floating wind will be crucial, as it is in depths where only these sorts of devices are viable and where the resources required to achieve the climatic objectives lays. This is why PLOCAN firmly opts for supporting developers on their way to the commercialisation of effective and responsible technologies for renewable energy exploitation. Only through focussed R&D activity will it be possible to achieve the climate objectives, and PLOCAN intends to be the enabler of the ideal environment for this to become a reality.”