Our structurally efficient floating platform.

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Unique and Flexible Technology

We have developed a flexible modular technology that provides the most efficient pathway for delivering floating wind at scale and accelerating cost reduction. Our floating platform technology makes the rapid deployment of industrial scale floating offshore wind possible.

Offshore wind in deep water

The PelaFlex floating platform is structurally efficient, has excellent stability and is straightforward to assemble, deploy and maintain.

  • Structurally efficient tetrahedral design
  • 10 primary steel components with 4 distinct parts
  • Low-cost fabrication and assembly
  • Rapid and safe deployment with proprietary deployment hardware
  • High stability in-use improving energy yields
  • Reduced wear and tear on the turbine
  • Low environmental impact from tensioned moorings
  • Accessible on-site maintenance.
  • Easy return-to-port maintenance if needed

An optimal solution at every stage of the product lifecycle

Our unique and flexible platform can be stably anchored in deep water, allowing wind turbines to be cost effectively installed at depths greater than 60m.


Simple structure – fast to customise design to needs of project

Low mass – less than 200t/MW – equal to class best

Designed for industrialisation from the outset


Low fabrication costs – only 4 distinct parts, primarily tubes, easy to automate

Rapid assembly outdoor at yard – specialist facility e.g. dry dock not required

Only lifting equipment needed

Allows maximum use of local supply chain

Simplified logistics


Flexible launch options – minimal draft of less than 5m with turbine installed

Good towing stability with a wide weather window – low bollard rating for towing vessels

Fast and safe hook-up, remotely tensioned, rapidly ‘storm safe’ with dedicated deployment system

Suitable for deep water


Zero tilt – maximises energy capture and reduces wind turbine controller modification 

Low acceleration minimising turbine wear and tear

Small offset reducing strain on dynamic cable

Minimal mooring footprint reducing impact on seabed and eliminating issues with mooring clash or device spacing

End of Life

Straightforward recovery – reversal of deployment

Recyclable – structure can be easily disassembled back to component parts 

Overall cost advantage through sum of all benefits

Lowest capital and operational expenditure alongside high yield delivers the lowest cost of energy.

Low material content

Low fabrication cost

Low assembly cost

Reduced cost structure

Low cost ports

Low logistical costs

Low equipment costs

Reduced port and marshalling costs

Low rating tow vessels

Wide weather windows

Rapid, safe hook-up

Reduced deployment costs

Reduced CAPEX

Low wear and tear (high stability)

Optimised on-site maintenance

Ready for off-site maintenance

Reduced O&M costs

Reduced OPEX

Reduced overall levelised cost of energy – LCOE

Best commercial returns for farm developers

Maximum turbine compatibility

Maximum energy generation

No tilt

Increased yield

Increased revenue