Advanced wave energy converter.

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Optimised energy capture

The PelaGen wave energy converter represents advanced technology and generates energy at an extremely competitive cost of energy to deliver in the best return for farm developers.

  • Harnesses heave and surge wave energy
  • Automatically tunes to changing sea states
  • Complex systems fully protected in nacelle
  • Simple design with minimal moving parts
  • Only hull of absorber in contact with seawater
  • Entire absorber lifted clear of storm waves

An optimal solution that has strong synergies with wind turbines

The WEC has been designed specifically to integrate with the MPS Floating Platform:


Simple structure with only 2 major components: absorber and nacelle

Power conversion via gearbox and electrical generators – known and robust technology

Strong synergies with proven successful wind turbines >> market acceptance


Nacelle assembled & commissioned in dedicated MPS facility

Absorber & lever arm manufactured in MPS composite facility

Kit supplied to project marshalling yard for straightforward final assembly

MPS build model as per established wind turbine build model


Unique hydrodynamic shape leads to highly efficient energy capture

Large absorber yaws to face the prevailing wave direction

Control optimises performance in different sea states (wave height and period)

Efficient direct drive (gearbox, generator) energy conversion

High overall energy yields


Survivable – entire absorber lifted clear of storm waves

Straightforward, safe maintenance – all equipment above water in the nacelle

Known maintenance requirements (gearboxes, generators etc.)

Minimal issues with corrosion, biofouling, sealing

Maintenance requirements similar to wind turbines 

End of Life

Straightforward to remove WEC from platform at end of life

Recyclable – WEC can be disassembled back to component parts

Known environmentally unsound materials (e.g. rare earth magnets) have been avoided