Delivering Global Projects

MPS is moving rapidly towards market readiness and the business is already getting
significant traction with a number of key partners and customers in the market.

BiMEP, Basque Country, Spain

BiMEP in the Basque Country, Spain has been chosen for the deployment of a grid-connected commercial megawatt scale combined wind and wave device. The site offers deep water testing conditions and a direct connection into the Spanish electricity grid.

MPS undertook a rigorous benchmarking exercise across all of the possible test sites; BiMEP was identified as having excellent metocean wind and wave conditions in which to test and demonstrate our revolutionary technology.

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RWE, The Celtic Sea

RWE has commissioned MPS to develop a project plan for delivering up to 1 gigawatt (GW) of floating wind using the ports ABP Port Talbot and Pembroke Dock for foundation and turbine assembly.  The study will also identify what materials and components could be sourced from South Wales and the wider supply chain.

The Celtic Sea region offers a huge opportunity to develop large-scale, commercial floating offshore wind and RWE as the largest energy producer and renewables operator in Wales, wants to play a part in its delivery. 

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Simply Blue Group, Northern Ireland

Marine Power Systems have partnered with Simply Blue Group to develop project proposals around the deployment of floating offshore wind.

Simply Blue Group is a leading blue economy developer with a focus on floating wind and has over 10GW of floating offshore wind projects under development worldwide.

MPS has been selected as the preferred technology partner based on the strengths of their structurally efficient tension legged platform.

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JGC Group, Japan

MPS and JGC Japan are working together to deliver floating offshore wind platforms at commercial scale. Under this relationship, MPS’ floating wind platform technology, PelaFlex, and JGC Japan’s EPCI services will combine to jointly deliver floating offshore wind projects in Japan and contribute towards the Japanese Government’s ambition to deliver 10GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030.

Floating offshore wind is receiving huge interest in Japan due to the limited area of seabed suitable for fixed-bottom wind turbines and the high population density in coastal regions.

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Viana do Castelo, Portugal

MPS have joined forces with WavEC to deploy their PelaFlex modular floating offshore wind platform technology at Viana do Castelo in the north of Portugal.

WavEC has grown to become a leading centre of excellence in offshore renewable energy and is currently one of the co-managers of the Aguçadoura test site in Portugal.

The Portuguese government has shown its commitment to offshore wind with the recent announcement that it is targeting 10 GW of capacity by 2030 alone.

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EMEC, Orkney, Scotland

MPS are deploying two multi-Megawatt PelaGen wave energy converters at the grid connected revenue generating site.

The commercial scale array will support the ongoing development of the device and its functionality to ensure that the commercial arrays delivered at increasing scale represent the most robust, reliable and cost-effective devices on the market.

EMEC’s best in class facility will help us prove what is achievable in some of the harshest marine environments in the world while in close proximity to sheltered waters and harbours.

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