We offer a range of engineering services focused on helping developers to acquire seabed and develop low cost floating wind projects. We have proven that early project involvement enables effective assessment of the available options and this can reduce the project delivery schedule and operational risk profile.

Sea Bed Application Support

MPS technology offers a pathway to accelerate project deployment by:

  • Reducing overall farm LCoE
  • Providing the best opportunity to win revenue support
  • Offering a deliverable solution at industrial scale
  • Creating a significant opportunity to increase local content

MPS is open to explore how it can support seabed acquisition by:

  • Being a named technology in the application
  • Performing a site specific engineering study
  • Exploring other options with client


MPS has been helping clients better understand the advantages of PelaFlex in the context of their projects by performing a high level review of a specific site and providing outputs related to:

  • Supporting technology specific consenting requirements
  • Environmental receptor and local marine user risk and opportunity assessment
  • Optimised general arrangement and overall system mass
  • Local supply chain opportunities
  • Port assessments
  • Foundation assembly sequencing and storyboarding
  • Port lay-outs and requirements: load bearing, storage, lifting , load out etc
  • Develop a project schedule
  • Increase cost certainty