Swansea-based Wave Energy Company Signs Contract with Hunger Hydraulic

Marine Power Systems (MPS), a Swansea-based company that is developing revolutionary technology designed to capture the energy from ocean waves, has recently signed a contract with Hunger Hydraulic UK for the supply of hydraulic cylinders and seals for the company’s unique WaveSub device.

Hunger Hydraulic is providing MPS with hydraulic cylinders for the WaveSub power take off system. Previously, the hydraulics specialist has successfully supplied Aquamarine Power with cylinders for its Oyster wave energy technology. The extensive knowledge accrued, whilst developing cylinders to be used in such a marine application, is being used to supply MPS with cylinders and seals for the WaveSub.

Hunger Hydraulic’s expertise in all aspects of hydraulics is incorporated in the form of application proficiency and the development of customer-specific problem solutions. The company offers a complete service ranging from supplying small seals and bearings to project management of major hydraulic cylinder and system contracts. In addition, Hunger Hydraulic have the potential to provide MPS with cylinders for the full scale WaveSub and at commercial scale.

MPS’ WaveSub project has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, with MPS receiving a £2 million grant in October 2015.

The WaveSub will provide a reliable renewable energy source through harnessing the energy from ocean waves. The technology being developed at MPS has huge potential to contribute to energy security targets and will reduce reliance on unpredictable and non-renewable energy supplies.

Dr Gareth Stockman, co-founder and managing director of Marine Power Systems, said:

After looking into a number of cylinder manufacturers, we are pleased to award this contract to Hunger Hydraulic. As experts in the field and with a proven track record, Hunger Hydraulic was the obvious choice for MPS. The company is able to supply the whole package of cylinders and seals, which work seamlessly together, are fit for purpose and have undergone robust trials and testing. We are looking forward to the delivery of the cylinders as we move towards building our award winning WaveSub device ahead of deployment at sea later this year.

John Jarrett, managing director of Hunger Hydraulic UK, said:

The importance of marine energy to future generations cannot be understated. Hunger is proud to be at the forefront of marine power technology and we are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Gareth and his highly skilled team at MPS in the development of this exciting and innovative wave energy device.

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