Our Next Generation Technology



Class-leading wave energy converter that can generate high levels of consistent, low cost power.



A revolutionary device that can simultaneously capture wave energy and wind energy.



A floating wind turbine that can be stably anchored in water too deep for fixed foundations.

MPS has developed a flexible ocean energy technology which can be configured to deliver wave power (WaveSub), floating wind power (WindSub) or a combination of both (DualSub). WaveSub, WindSub and DualSub can be deployed together or individually in the optimum layout to best exploit the ocean energy resource at each farm location.

High Performance

All MPS devices are optimised for efficient, utility scale power generation.

The wave energy harvesting technology has class leading energy capture ability, allowing each machine to deliver multi-megawatt power outputs purely from the waves, with circa 10MW of wave power possible when the technology is fully developed.

Devices that utilise a wind turbine are able to provide a stable platform for the largest and most powerful wind turbines available today and in the future. With outputs currently circa 10MW but likely to be around 15MW in a few years’ time, MPS will stay with the cutting edge of wind turbine performance.

Low Cost of Energy

MPS has developed technology that addresses the key challenges of energy generation at sea and as a result delivers a low cost of energy.

Low capital costs are enabled by efficient low weight and low cost structures along with cost efficient moorings that are tailored to the individual deployment sites.

Low operational costs are enabled by straightforward transportation, installation and maintenance that does not require the use of specialist, high cost, vessels.

Added to this are survivabilty through a dedicated storm survival mode, and reliability through the use of proven technology that together give high levels of overall availability.

MPS experienced team are underway with the development of a full-scale WaveSub wave energy converter and a scaled DualSub wind & wave energy converter.

Addressing the challenges of energy generation at sea


The marine environment is extremely harsh, so forces on any device must be limited. All our devices alter their depth to duck underneath powerful storms and optimise power.

Energy Capture

Subsurface orbital energy flow is powerful but often very difficult to harness. Our wave capture floats operate subsurface, moving in an orbital motion with waves.

Capital Cost

Our devices are cheap to build in relation to the power they produce; devoid of complicated bespoke components and optimised for commercially available manufacturing.

Operation Cost

Wave energy devices need to be quick and simple to deploy, recover and service. All our devices float to their installation sites and are designed to be easily moved and maintained.