Our Next Generation Technology

Modular platform

Common advantages for all devices

All MPS devices utilise a common offshore platform technology that gives them all a set of shared advantages leading to class leading suitability for the demands of offshore energy production. The unique features of MPS’ platform technology are highlighted below:


Modular components fabricated in the supply chain

Assembly via standard yard equipment

Turbine assembled at quayside

No dry dock needed


Stable and straight-forward to tow long distances by tug

Shallow draft – suitable for the majority of ports

Allows centralised manufacturing


Unique self tensioning system does not require specialist vessels

Tensioning system removed and used on another machine

Anchoring available for all seabed types


Platform highly stable in normal operation and in storms

Improved energy production from both wind and wave systems

Reduced structural and turbine loads


Accessible for maintenance on-site

Wave energy modules can be returned to surface whilst on mooring

Entire machine easily removable for off-site servicing


Major structure positioned either below or above the reach of storm waves

Wave energy floats can dock securely against the base

Redundant buoyancy and mooring systems are able to survive damage

The Devices

Our unique platform technology can be configured to deliver wave power only (WaveSub), wind power only (WindSub) or a combination of both wave and wind power (DualSub). Click on the links below for more info about each device.



Class-leading wave energy converter that can generate high levels of consistent, low cost power.



A revolutionary device that can simultaneously capture wave energy and wind energy.



A floating wind turbine that can be stably anchored in water too deep for fixed foundations.

Our Competitive Advantage

High Performance

All MPS devices are optimised for efficient, utility scale power generation. The wave energy harvesting technology has class leading energy capture, with the first commercially available machines having a rated power of 4.5MW, increasing to circa 10MW of wave power as the technology is developed.

Devices that utilise a 3rd party wind turbine are able to provide a stable platform for the largest and most powerful wind turbines available today and in the future. Starting at circa 10MW but likely to be over 15MW in coming years, MPS will stay at the cutting edge of wind turbine performance.

Low Cost of Energy

MPS technology addresses the key challenges of energy generation at sea and as a result offers the lowest cost of energy possible for deep water ocean energy farms. This advantage is enabled by many innovations in all the areas that contribute to LCoE: yield is increased whilst at the same time CapEx and OpEx are reduced compared to competing options.

All aspects of performance and product life cycle have been considered to ensure that wherever our technology is used it delivers the optimum LCoE and lowest cost of ownership for our customers.