2018 - Sea Testing

WaveSub was successfully deployed at the marine test centre FaBTest in Falmouth (England), marking a new phase of sea based testing.

The WaveSub completed the 169 nautical mile tow from Milford Haven to the FaBTest site in under 30 hours. Towing at speeds of up to 6 knots, the successful tow proved key innovations of the WaveSub, such as the device can be towed significant distances from a manufacturing base to a wave farm location.

The four point mooring system was installed in less than three days, before connecting the device with the power umbilical and submerging the device to its operating configuration. Tow out of the device from Falmouth harbour to the site and connection to the mooring lines took only a few hours. The WaveSub demonstrated that it can easily be towed to site with low cost vessels, it is simple to install and connect to a grid and that it can be accessed at sea; all of which will ultimately result in significantly lower operation & maintenance costs.