Marine Power Systems (MPS) has released a video which shows lift and tow tests on its recently launched WaveSub wave energy device in Milford Haven.

The quarter-scale WaveSub prototype set sail for the initial sea-based trials in Milford Haven last week.

The device has been designed to harness energy from the continual orbital motion of waves under the surface of the sea.

To generate power, the WaveSub’s float tether lines are connected to hydraulic generators, so as the float moves with the waves, hydraulic energy is created.

A hydraulic circuit then smooths this hydraulic energy and uses it to turn an electrical generator which outputs grid compatible electricity.

WaveSub already demonstrated its ability to be towed and accessed while being in surface configuration.

After the conclusion of tests in Milford Haven, the WaveSub will be towed to the FaBTest marine test site in Cornwall, England.

A full-scale, grid-connected WaveSub is planned to be constructed by 2020.

Original Article by Tidal Energy Today.