WaveSub progress at Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone

Marine Power Systems (MPS), a Swansea-based company that is developing revolutionary technology designed to capture the energy from ocean waves, is continuing with its progress through preparing to test its unique WaveSub device at the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales.

Marine Power Systems was co-founded in 2009 by Dr Gareth Stockman and Dr Graham Foster. The company has carried out significant modelling and prototype testing to date; currently working towards the testing of a purpose-built quarter scale model prototype of the WaveSub.

Revolutionary device

The revolutionary WaveSub Wave Energy Converter developed by the company is a unique, patent protected, award winning device. The WaveSub solves the four main challenges facing all developers looking to capture wave energy:-

1 Developing efficient energy capture in any sea conditions
2 Securing the technology’s long-term survivability in a harsh environment
3 Ensuring the devices are easy to deploy, recover and service
4 Guaranteeing they are cost efficient to build in relation to the power they produce

Next step

Marine Power Systems has already tested sub-systems through its work in Milford Haven over a number of years. The next step is to manufacture and assemble the WaveSub device in Pembroke Port and test the device in the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone.

Successful completion of the quarter scale trials and further funding prospects will enable the company to build its first full-size WaveSub demonstrator, taking MPS a step closer to commercialisation.

Main objective

Working towards a low levelised cost of energy (LCOE) is one of the main objectives for Marine Power Systems. A low LCOE is a primary metric, which takes into account factors such as capital, operations, maintenance, performance and insurance costs. The WaveSub performs well in all of these domains.

Dr Gareth Stockman, Managing Director of Marine Power Systems, said: “This is an exciting time at Marine Power Systems and we are proud of the progress that we have made. We have been working hard on the development of the WaveSub device and have received a lot of support from the local supply chain, Pembroke Port itself and Marine Energy Pembrokeshire, which we are very grateful for.

Leading the way

“The results of our work so far have been extremely promising and this is a crucial time to be in the wave energy field. We have further testing ahead but with what we have already achieved, we feel MPS is one of the key companies leading the way in terms of technological advancements in harnessing wave energy.

“There is now greater recognition and understanding of the revolutionary potential of the device we have created. This will ultimately generate global interest, as the WaveSub can harness the energy in a broad spectrum of waves, in almost any offshore environment using the unique technology we have developed.”

Original article by Wave and Tidal Energy Network