WaveSub is a class leading wave energy converter with many unique features that enable it to generate high levels of consistent, low cost power from ocean waves.

WaveSub has a unique orbital energy capture mechanism – directly and efficiently harnessing the subsurface orbital energy flow of the waves. Each float can capture over 1.5 megawatts of power, and each WaveSub device has multiple floats, leading to significant multi megawatt power output per machine.

WaveSub can survive storms by retracting the float securely against the base deep underwater, well beneath the harsh conditions on the sea surface.

In its surface configuration WaveSub is straightforward to transport and maintain and is accessible on-site for servicing.


WaveSub has been tested at quarter scale at the marine test site FaBTest in Cornwall, UK. WaveSub proved its ability to generate grid compatible electricity from the waves. WaveSub also demonstrated its many practical advantages, proving it was simple to transport, install and maintain on-site without needing any specialist vessels.

Alongside the sea testing the performance of WaveSub has been further improved with 1000’s of hours of computational simulations and many months of tank testing.

A project to design, build and test a full scale WaveSub is now under way supported by £12.8m of grant funding from the Welsh Government. Incorporating the knowledge gained from the above research, a full scale WaveSub will be sea tested in 2022.