WindSub is a floating wind turbine that can be stably anchored in deep water, allowing wind turbines to be cost effectively installed at sites that are too deep for fixed foundations (depths greater than circa 50m).

WindSub is straightforward to transport and can be towed long distances with non-specialist vessels. Installation at the offshore site is fast and can also be completed without any specialist vessels. Disconnection is just as simple facilitating efficient removal from site if major maintenance is required, and also enabling a high level of mobility if a mobile power solution is required.

WindSub is stable in operation with minimal wind turbine movement, and is highly survivable in storms, with storm waves passing through the lattice frame structure with little impact.

The wind turbine will be procured from the world’s leading turbine suppliers, so will keep pace with the latest developments and highest outputs in the market.


Offshore wind is already a success but fixed foundation offshore wind is currently limited globally by the availability of shallow offshore seas. The UK is an exception in this regard but even here deeper water will have to be utilised to fully exploit the resource and floating technology will be needed to achieve this.

WindSub’s best in class structure costs, best in class operational costs, combined with excellent stability and survivability mean it is ready to quickly become a market leader in floating offshore wind.